Kolektory słoneczne WATT 4000S/SU

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Charakterystyka technologii:

More energy and no bills for gas, heating oil and electricity. This message brightens up each day for all investors and owners of single-family houses who use WATT 4000S/SU solar panels. This product in many ways surpasses the alternative solutions: wind power stations, heat pumps and photovoltaic panels. It costs far less, allows considerable savings in the short term, does not require an installation permit and is highly effective.

The solar panel is provided with an anti-reflective CENTRROSOLAR glass, reducing light reflections from the glass surface to a minimum, while more UV rays reach the absorber.

Watt 4000 flat solar collector is available in two solutions, as the S and SU models, which differ in the number of connection ports. Watt 4000 S has four connection sockets, which allows you to connect more panels in large-size installations. Watt 4000 SU with two connecting pieces is used for smaller installations. The solar panel is produced entirely by Watt. Connecting tubes, through which the heating agent with the absorber flow, are a patented element of the technology. The absorber plate is properly profiled – we emboss a special groove for the tube for the heating agent, which increases the contact surface of the absorber plate with the tube. Moreover, the method does not damage the selective absorber coating and does not deteriorate its properties. The combination results in a more efficient transmission of heat to the heating agent, which is confirmed in the very good collector tests results.

One of the most important systems developed using WATT 4000 S has been the installation of 320 solar panels on the roofs of the Independent Public Health Care Centres in Wlodawa.

Korzyści z zastosowania technologii:

  • Very high performance coefficient (ETA 0 = 0.845).
  • A unique, patented system for connecting flow pipes with the absorber,
    allowing faster and better exchange of heat.
  • The anti-glare CENTRROSOLAR glass reduces light reflections from the
    glass surface to a minimum, while more UV rays reach the absorber, which
    increases its efficiency.
  • Larger contact surface of the absorber with the flow tubes results in
    a higher exchange area.
  • The box made of a single aluminium element is extremely robust, durable
    and resistant to moisture.