Solar neosol 250

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Technical features:

The sun is a source of free energy for single- and multiple-family housing units, hospitals, sanatoria, recreational facilities, etc. Thanks to solar energy, we can be free from energy proce spikes energy, heat our buildings effectively, and most importantly – maintain a clean natural environment along with fuel reserves for future generations. We would like to present an energy -efficient heating installation – the neosol 250 solar panel together with a complete solar system.

The primary product made by the company Neon is the neosol 250 solar panel. It is a technologically advanced construction, coupled with particularly high technical and functional parameters. It is differentiated by its meandering exchanger, allowing the panel to achieve higher performance than competing products. The construction is characterized by the heating element that extends a distance of 26 m through the panel. The high flow speed gives the stream a turbulent character, which in turn has greater capacity to absorb heat. The neosol 250 solar panel with a meandering exchanger is characterised by a minimal sedimentation and aeration zone, as well as exceptional self-bleeding capacity. The neosol 250 solar panel is also distinguished by excellent test results recorded by an independent and accredited laboratory, and a full quality test confirmed the unit’s outstanding quality (e.g. stagnation temperature of 250oC). A complimentary element to the key product is the neosystem complete solar system – one of the best and most effective solar systems on the market. The neosystem solar system includes such elements as an assembly kit for all types of flat and sloped roofs, compensating connectors, connecting kits, bleeding kits, roof passages and the neounit pumping and regulation groups.

One of the most important customers for the neosol 250 technology is The Lord’s Providence Sanctuary (pl. Świątynia Opatrzności Bożej) in Warsaw. The modern heating and energy network has been designed to meet heating and electrical energy needs. For conversion of solar radiation into heat, highly efficient neosol 250 solar panels have been applied along with a complete neosystem solar system. The solar installation with a surface area of over 100 m2 was mounted on a special support construction on the roof of the parish and diocese headquarters. Since 2010 Neon has participated in the joint Poland-Ukraine project “Renewable energy sources – applying Polish experience in Ukraine”, initiated by the Poltava State Agrarian Academy, where a Renewable Resources Laboratory has also been opened and equipped with a solar installation using neosol 250 solar panels.

Advantages of the technology:

  • High efficiency of the meandering exchanger in a Sunselect coating with
    an absorption coefficient of α > 95%.
  • Four-millimetre-thick, highly-transparent and weather-resistant solar glass.
  • Neoglas diffusion membrane protects the insulation from moisture.
  • Life span of over 25 years without a loss in efficiency during the entire
    life span.