Intelligent LED street lamps CLEVEO

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Technical features:

We are conserving energy resources for future generations, without foregoing the comfort and safety ensured by the permanent lighting of streets, parks, businesses and offices. It is sufficient to use LED CLEVEO intelligent street lanterns,
which generate additional savings owing to a digital controller and the innovative optic layout of lamps produced by LEDIKO Walendowski i Wilanowski Sp. j.

CLEVEO is an intelligent and efficient LED street light. It is characterized by universality of application and excellent technical parameters. By connecting a unique optic system with integrated digital control, we have made an innovative lamp of high effectiveness and unique functionality.

The source of light in CLEVEO lamps are LED diodes from the esteemed CREE company. They are a new source of light, highly reliable and offering maximum output over a long life cycle. With them it is possible to achieve optimal lighting while using a minimum of energy. The use of LED diodes is characterized by a high colour coefficient, which directly effects street level visibility. The heart of a CLEVEO lamp is the LED module with optical. The module’s construction uses an innovative solution to ensure equal distribution of light onto the street, minimizing light loss. The optic system consists of LED diodes, each placed at a different angle. This allows the exceptional possibility of directing light to the precise location where it is needed. As a result, more light falls on the street, it is more even, and both comfort and safety for road users is improved.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Energy savings of up to 40% compared to standard LED lamps thanks to the
    controller built into the housing.
  •  Power can be supplied by solar batteries or wind turbines.
  •  Low shining coefficient due to placement of light source deeper inside the
    housing increases safety.
  •  CLEVEO lamps are environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption
    and safe materials used in production.
  •  The built-in digital controller ensuring intelligent operation of the housing,
    gives it a unique functionality, uses less energy and has a much longer
    life span. The controller ensures that the lamp shines with a constant
    light stream regardless of surrounding conditions. It contains a function
    enabling automatic conservation of energy during late night hours and
    a thermal and age compensation function.