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Technical features:

For pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants and industry – food processing, chemicals, pulp & paper manufacturing and animal breeding farms which seek an effective way of tackling air pollutants, we offer the INSTAL AIRECO technology. In contrast to available solutions, our system ensures high process stability under the variable conditions: different concentrations and types of gaseous pollutants, with the electricity consumption reduced by as much as 60% and the operating costs cut by 30% to standard scrubers or biofilters.

Malodorous substances arise every day as a side product of many industrial processes. In most cases, they are emitted in the form of gases directly into the atmosphere posing a threat for humans, animals and the natural environment.

The INSTAL AIRECO technology has been developed to neutralise odours, as well as toxic and dangerous industrial gases. An additional advantage of the system is a full elimination of bacteria from post-process gases, thus diminishing the emissions of microbiological pollutants into the atmosphere. The technology can be applied in many sectors of industry. Compared with competitors, it is distinguished by higher process stability in variable conditions. The installation is automatic and its inspections do not require qualified personnel.

The technology has been implemented e.g. at the Oil & Fats Factory in Kruszwica. At the factory, the installation cleans the post-process air emitted from the industrial effluent treatment plant. Another implementation is a cleaning the air emitted from the sewage sludge drying unit at the Wastewater Treatment at Maszewo near Płock

Advantages of the technology:

  • Complete reduction of odours and substances which are dangerous and
    toxic to the environment.
  • High process stability.
  • Small dimensions of the installation.
  • Fully automatic operation of the system.
  • Effective disinfection of the gases cleaned.
  • Low purchase and operating costs of the system.