Leaders of GreenEvo Editions

GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator is an innovative project of the Ministry of Environment prepared with a view to promote Polish environmental technologies and support for development of enterprises in this regard. The project’s task is to support domestic companies involved in development of green technologies in their operation and promotion of their unique products in international markets.


Leaders of the GreenEvo technology


Asket Roman Długi

RES TECHNOLOGIES (BIOMASSER – technology of briquetting moist agrobiomass)


Biogradex Holding Sp. z o.o.

WATER AND SEWAGE TECHNOLOGIES (Biogradex Technology – treatment of municipal and industrial sewage using the low-loaded activated sludge method)


Ecotech Polska Sp. z o.o. (enviromix technology)

TECHNOLOGIES SUPPORTING WASTE MANAGEMENT (Enviromix Technology – neutralization and recycling of substances harmful to the environment through immobilization of pollutants as thermodynamically stable phases of minerals and micro-encapsulation of organic pollutants into mineral structures)


Energoinstal S.A.

ENERGY-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES (The use of waste heat and chemical energy of excess gas from the process of coke dry cooling)


Lediko Walendowski i Wilanowski Sp. j.



Neon Wojciech Norberciak

RES TECHNOLOGIES(Solar collector Neosol 250)


Petroster Sp.j.

LOW-EMISSION TECHNOLOGIES (Safe Tank package – equipping and securing storage tanks for liquid fuels)


Symbiona S.A.

WATER AND SEWAGE TECHNOLOGIES (ROVAPO – Technology and installation for high purity water recovery from industrial sewage (together with software for automation of the technological process)


PPHU Marbet-Wil Sp. z o.o.

(SULTECH – Technology of recovery of hazardous waste through stabilization and solidification in sulfur concrete)


Promar sp. z o.o.

ORGANIZATIONAL OR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SUPPORTING ENERGY SAVING (PROM@R Monitoring System PMS – system of optimizing energy consumption in the building, combining sensors, controllers and software, offered to customers as a specialist service managed by the PROMAR company)


Sunex Sp. z o.o.

RES TECHNOLOGIES(Collector with a stainless steel frame)


Watt Sp. z o.o.

RES TECHNOLOGIES(Flat solar collectors, vacuum solar collectors)


Wofil Robert Muszański

WATER AND SEWAGE TECHNOLOGIES (Ozoning technology – used for water treatment)


Rising stars of GreenEvo


Ekotop Roman Sobczyk (hybrid dryer technology)

WATER AND SEWAGE TECHNOLOGIES (Dryers of sewage sludges)


Jacek Habryło Firma NPF (technology of pellet combustion using the boiler Lester 20)

RES TECHNOLOGIES(boiler Lester 20– technology of pellet combustion)




Technologies honoured in the GreenEvo competition



Rzemieślnicza Wytwórnia Chemiczna ALCHEMIK Andrzej Piotrowski Piotr Piotrowski S.C. (technology of the hydraulic briquetting machines)


ENERGY-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES (Hydraulic briquetting machine – used for producing fuel from wooden, agricultural and paper waste)



Technology description


Dagas Ltd

For all those looking for eco-friendly solutions for rubber, plastic, municipal waste and solid biomass treatment, we offer pyrolysis plants. Unlike competitive solutions, the use of Dagas technology produces heat power, which can be processed into electricity or thermal energy.


Energo Natura Ltd

For institutions managing water reservoirs and industrial plants using processing water, which experience problems with biological and chemical (including oil) pollution, we offer a comprehensive reagent-based technology for water treatment and counteracting the effects of eutrophication. In contrast to other, hazardous chemical methods of a narrow use and expensive and logistically complex physical methods, we offer secure, quick and simple removal of impurities and the ability to restore ecological balance.


Energetyka Solarna ensol Ltd

For all those who want to significantly reduce the growing cost of maintaining your household, production hall or public building, we offer solar panels. In contrast to traditional products, the Ensol hybrid collector produces electricity and heats utility water, which reduces investment costs and allows you to take maximum advantage of the available roof surface.


Far Data Ltd Sp. k.

For all those who are struggling with the problem of traffic noise, we offer an automatic monitoring station. Unlike other noise measurement systems, we deliver a solution for long-- term monitoring with flexible expansion capabilities, saving time and resources.


Frapol Ltd

For all owners of single-family houses, apartments and small public buildings, seeking high quality parameters of the air in the room and their convenient control and checks, we offer the Onyx recuperator with an integrated control system. Unlike conventional ventilation systems based on regenerators, we offer a comprehensive control system for easy and precise control of air parameters in the room and controlling all devices working with the air treatment system.


M3System Ltd

For investors, developers and construction companies seeking high profits, we offer a unique energy-saving construction technology. Unlike other available technologies, our solution helps to achieve a passive housing standard (zero or plus energy) with costs similar to traditional construction. An average building takes only 6-8 weeks to erect. Buildings can be erected on land with very low bearing capacity, and no heavy equipment or highly qualified employees are needed.


EPS Systems

For companies extracting or processing crude oil, which consume significant amounts of energy or operate at a large distance from energy networks, we offer gas and combined heat and power generators to produce technology electricity and heat from waste gas. Unlike the gas flares and boilers, pump drives available on the market, the VAPOR CHP technology effectively and economically uses waste gases for simultaneous, distributed generation of electricity for one's own business or for sale.


NIKOL Jan Nikołajuk

For all those building or renovating buildings who want to significantly reduce the cost of heating or air conditioning and get rid of problems resulting from the absence or ill-functioning of ventilation, we offer NIKOL, a heat recovery air handling unit. As opposed to natural or other simple ventilation systems, our device allows you to reduce the cost of heating or air conditioning and ensure efficient and user-friendly ventilation.

The principles of acceptance of applications for the 2nd edition of the GreenEvo competition Submission of applications 17.01 – 28.02.2011 Applications available at - REGULATIONS (only in polish) plus attachments Completion of the application and sending it together with the signed regulations to the Ministry of Environment Results shall be published on 31.03.2011 on the websites: www.mos.gov.pl and www.greenevo.gov.pl Areas of environmental technologies Renewable energy sources, including: (Biofuels and biomass, Liquid and solid fuels, Fuel cells, Water power engineering, Wind power engineering, Photovoltaics and solar collectors, Geothermal power engineering) Air protection, including: (Capturing and storage of carbon dioxide, Reduction of industrial pollutant emissions, Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) Water and sewage management, including: (Municipal sewage treatment, Industrial sewage treatment, Water treatment) Waste management, including: (Municipal, industrial, medical, hazardous waste management, Recycling, Software supporting waste management) Solutions supporting energy saving, including: (Energy storage, Energy-saving sources of light, Solutions supporting energy-saving in the construction industry, Software supporting optimization of energy consumption) Systems supporting monitoring and collection of the information on the natural environment GreenEvo-Green Technology Accelerator Competition